Wednesday 5 January 2011

Production Increased

I have been very productive so far this year, two FOs already! I'm surprising myself. I think I may be smitten with large gauge knitting, purely for the speed of it.

FO No. 1:

Pattern: Heart on a String Hat by Susan B. Anderson for Spud & Chloe
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater, held double
Needles: 8mm for the hat and 4mm for the icord

I used just under one skein of the turquoise and a smidge of the yellow. I'll have enough to make another one in the reverse colours. I love it, isn't it cute? The yarn is really lovely to knit with, so soft! This took me just over a movie to do, so about 2 hrs. Can't beat it!

FO No 2:

Pattern: Leaving on the Edge Cowl by our very own SheKnitUpThatBall
Yarn: Yummy Irish Kilcarra Aran Tweed, 2 skeins held double
Needles: Whopping great 10mm

I made this yesterday. Took no time at all and I think it looks great! I must admit to feeling really weird knitting with broomhandles such large needles. Something that I think takes some getting used to, especially when I mostly use much smaller sized needles!
Still, you can't argue with such a speedy FO. And the yarn is divine. Proper Irish tweedy loveliness.

In progress news, here's the latest on my Spiral Boot Socks:

It's going ok, I think. I've just done my first increase on the leg and am happy enough, although it's getting difficult to try it on now! I'll probably have to take the stitches off the dpns each time I want to try it from now on. What a pain. But, it'll be worth it to get it right, and I won't have to do it for the second sock, of course. It's a lovely knit, a surprisingly hypnotic pattern repeat. I'm enjoying them. And the yarn is scrummy too. Why wouldn't it be, it's Reynolds wool :D (That's my maiden name, btw)

We had our first knit night after Christmas last night. We hadn't seen each other for a couple of weeks due to the snow, so we'd lots of catching up to do. One of the ladies gave me this lovely present:

A coin purse, that's a sock!!! LOVE! She said when she saw this she instantly thought of me. Best. Purse. Evah. I have to make one of these myself. Isn't it cool? I could have purses to match my socks. Oh yes.

The builders arrived yesterday to commence work on the house. We're getting two bathrooms totally re-done and the conservatory roof replaced with a tile roof & velux windows. We're also getting a radiator put into the downstairs loo. No more cold rooms & toilets! I'm so excited. I just hope they don't make too much mess. They reckon it'll take 3 weeks so I'm a bit nervous coz I'm back in work on Monday and there'll be no-one here during the day. Still! Yipee! Warm!

Good knitting!


Nic said...

Holy Productive Knitter Batman!

Lovely sock. Whenevah I knit my first sock I'm coming to you for guidance.

Could you Magic Loop the sock on circulars? Would that help?

And yes, that's a great purse!

Alrischa said...

I love that cowl. It's going straight in the queue!

Alrischa said...

P.S. Love that sock purse, too. I think a purse that matches your socks is the epitome of style!

Amanda (loves Kevin) said...

I love that cowl! And I love big needles... and I'm making scarves and cowls all year. That settles it, I must make one of my own!

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest hat! I love it, and the colors are great.

The sock purse is too adorable.

You are sooo productive. I pale in comparison! Good on you!

spinndiva said...

WOOT! You rock! I love that cowl! Perfect pattern, perfect colour! :)

Louellen Lawson said...

Keep up the good work. Love that little coin purse.

Julia said...

Very nice sock purse. What is a conservatory?

Sinéad said...

Hi Julia! A conservatory is a sunroom at the back of your house, with glass roof & lots of windows.