Thursday 27 January 2011


Progress has been continuing on the second Pointelle sock, in between working like mad on my day job. There's no point in posting a pic of the progress, it'd look very similar to previous ones. Suffice to say I'm almost at the heel flap. Good progress considering!

I went to The Constant Knitter's tea party last Sunday for the first time in ages. I had a great time, and met lovely knitters I haven't seen for a long time.

While I was there, I acquired some more stash. I swore I wasn't buying anything, but I have an idea in my head and it won't go away, so I bought one ball each of three different yarns to swatch with. The idea I have is for a fine knit top with an empire waist, square neckline, bell sleeves, plain bodice and a lacy type body.

The first yarn I bought:

Garnstudio Silke-Tweed (52% silk, 48% wool) in a luscious shade of dark red. This looks to me like a cheaper priced version of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. I've knit with silky tweed before and it stretched a lot on washing, so this will be interesting. I do love the drape and feel of silky tweed though.

My next swatch sample:

Garnstudio Drops Muskat. 100% cotton. I'll be interested to see how this drapes & washes. I'm unsure about using this for a top that will be worn next to the skin. But worth a swatch!

My last sample:

Garnstudio Drops Lin, 100% Linen. This is insanely cheap for pure linen. Although I don't think it's wet spun. Still, if it works this could be brilliant for a top as it would be hard wearing and easily cared for.

Wish me luck on my swatching! Once I decide upon the yarn, I need to figure out the fine details of this pattern. I hope it goes well, in my head I know it looks spectacular.

Good knitting!


Bionic Laura said...

I really like the idea of trying out a few different yarns to find the perfect one for a project. Much better than getting the yarn and then finding out it's not quite right. Your idea for the top sounds lovely, hope to see it turn out well!

Nic said...

My bet is that the last yarn will win out. 'Hard wearing and easily cared for' sounds like a winner.

Sorry that I left early and couldn't prevent yarn purchase as promised. Still. 3 yarns for swatching is pretty restrained.

And yes. Your day job is pretty crazy.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

How patient you are to try different yarns for your top ! I have never worked with or even seen those yarns in person but your photos are so clear and prettythat I'm sold. I'm looking forward to seeing your top.

Tara said...

I really like the colour of that linen. Can't wait to see your swatches! Just remember to wash them. Linen grows! ;)