Wednesday 16 February 2011

Basic Stitch

Beware, this post contains lots of exclamation marks.

Yesterday, hubby was working in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. It's not that far from our home, maybe 13 miles. We actually lived here for 3 years when we first got married, but moved back to my old stomping ground almost 10 years ago.

When he told me where he was going, I immediately replied, "Oh, are you? I believe there's a yarn store there now..." Heh. So, being the obliging bloke that he is, he stopped in on his lunch break for me.

The store is called Basic Stitch. No website, unfortunately. tsk tsk.

He said it's a small store, with a nice table in the middle to sit & knit. The staff were very friendly, and it is stocked with mostly the same yarns you'll find in almost every Irish yarn store (Sirdar, Tivoli, King Cole, etc) BUT they do have Brown Sheep Lambs Pride worsted and Crystal Palace yarns. He phoned me when he was in there, to tell me what they had and when I heard Crystal Palace, I asked him what types. I can't remember the names of the others, but they were slub yarns which are not really a fave of mine. When he mentioned this, though, I got a bit excited:

Crystal Palace Kid Merino. I suppose you could say it's their version of Rowan KidSilk haze. They had a fair selection of colours, but when he mentioned one that looked like Key Lime Pie, I knew that was the one. Plus, it was on sale! €3 a ball! Whoop!

When he came home he produced this nice surprise purchase for me. (Aw)

Now I know, I know it's tantamount to toy knitting, but look! So cute! (Warning, this is where the exclamation mark frenzy begins).

The Invisible Man!! So cool. I love his umbrella, glasses and gladstone bag.

There's lots of Hallowe'en stuff, and we all know I loves me Hallowe'en.

Spooky trees! With dangly spoooky bats!!

Mummies!! Squee! I love mummies. Alice has already ordered two, to make her own Egyptian tomb.

Spooky ghost! With ball and chain! And lots of little spookies like cats, spiders (ick, won't be making them) and black kitty!

And last, but definitely not least.... OWLS!!!!! Blurry owls, I admit, but still, OWLS!

There are loads more treats in it, but my cup runneth over. I itch to cast on for some, even though I know the sewing up at the end is a right pain in the derrière.

In other knitty news, I found out at knit night last night that a new yarn store has opened up in the last week in Dunboyne, Co. Meath (about 15 mins drive away). I'm off work on Friday, guess where I'm going! More yarn store reviews to come!

Good knitting!


Julia said...

I know what you mean - the last two conferences my job sent me on - I hopped right on the computer and plotted my course -past all the yarn stores of course!

Máirín said...

A knitted invisible man!!! I am internalising a lot more exclamation marks than I am putting down here!

Anonymous said...

What a great hubby! Good job.

Those pics in that book are soooo cute. I don't like making toys either (all that sewing) but I may have to change.

Zita said...

Your hubby is some sort of saint, Sinead. That book is full of awesome. The owls!

Julia said...

Good heavens! I have THREE more rows and the Socks of Guilt are done - and here I am peeking at your blog again! There has got to be something seriously wrong with me - fear of finishing UFOs?

Tara said...

The knitted invisible man is pretty cute :) More stash enhancement on the way, eh? That room is going to overflow soon!

KnitPastis said...

Such a sweet husband! The knitted invisible man is cool. I remember that old show and movie! Thank you for visiting my blog! So neat that you are all the way in Ireland too:)