Friday 11 February 2011

Busy Busy!

I was thinking I'd been really busy this week, but now I look at the photos I've put up, I'm not so sure! It doesn't look like much, but it does represent some work...

First up, here's the beginnings of my new design. I decided to park hubby's idea and do this one first. He did a great drawing for me, so I won't forget!

I've decided to call this Ethereal, as the yarn is floaty light and I hope some of the lightness will rub off on me when I wear it!

Shocking stuff, huh? Yeah, not so much. I decided in the end to use the Drops Alpaca in my stash and to be a good girl. I love this yarn, but it's like knitting a jumper with laceweight; lots of knitting does not equal lots of inches of progress! I've done the shoulder shaping on the back and am working my way down to the armholes. The bottom of the picture (under the yarn roll) is the stitches I've put on another needle for the front. I'll probably do that tomorrow or Sunday, as I have to do the short row shaping in one go, otherwise I'll lose my place! Then it'll be plain sailing down to the armholes. (I hope).

At knitting group on Tuesday I saw some lovely dresses people had knit for their daughters/grand-daughters teddys. I know, I know, NO TOY KNITTING, but this is different. I'm not knitting the toy, but merely creating some accessories for it. Not to mention it'll be a damn sight cheaper than buying an outfit in The Bear Factory, it'll also look better too. It's Alice's birthday in just over a month, so I decided to make a dress for one of her animals. Meet Rose the bunny:

Now I know I just said I was making a dress, but I cast on 50 sts and ribbed and it was too small to fit over her damn arse, so I decided to make a matching hat too. Anything to avoid ripping back. See how I made holes for her ears to go through? I know, I'm a genius :D This knitting is strictly after Alice's bedtime knitting so she won't see it.

In other fantastic news, I got my prize from NerdyTogether today!

Rose was in the mood for more photos today. I freaking love this chain/necklace! I can't see the joins anywhere on the chain links, Amanda is one talented crafter! Thanks so much for my prize, I love it!

So, remember at the top of this post I was crowing how I'm being good and using stash yarn for my new top? Yeah.

I blame my brother for this. He's up visiting at the moment, and Dad asked me to buy a new duvet for his bed. This necessitated a visit to Lidl today. Ok, so I didn't have to go there, but in a way I'm glad I did! I was actually going to buy the duvet in another (more expensive) store, and popped into Lidl to see the yarn that went on offer yesterday. Hence the acquisition above, which I'll get to in a mo. Anyway, when I was there, what did I spy but an All Seasons Duvet (the ones with two layers) for a much cheaper price! So in a way, my buying yarn saved my Dad money. heh.

So the yarn above is called Senibel. I know, means nothing to me either, except that it's a knock off version of Rico CanCan. This stuff is apparently the latest "craze" yarn. It's kinda like netting, and when you knit it up it turns ruffly. I just wanted to try it out to see what the fuss was all about, and this stuff from Lidl is way cheaper than the real McCoy. If it turns out mad, sure I can always donate it.

So, a longer post than I thought, maybe I was right, I have been busy!

Good knitting!


Anonymous said...

The bunny hat is adorable. You did a great job!

So, you tripped and fell on some yarn, huh? LOL. That ruffling as you knit sounds cool.

Nic said...

Aw. Cute bunny. Cute hat. S'funny, my girls each have a bunny a little like that. And with expensive tastes in Build-a-Bear clothes and accessories. I must have a go at hats with ear holes.

You should publish that. Seriously!

Tara said...

I saw some similar yarn knit up at the LYS this weekend. It looks kinda cool! You've definitely got the makings for a funky scarf :)