Monday 14 February 2011

Fastest Knitter in the West

I had a great weekend. I played with Alice, cooked, visited my parents and ignored my housework.
Oh, and I knit this:

Pattern: Centrique by the ridiculously talented Stolen Stitches, kindly modelled by Alice in the garden this evening.
Needles: 4.5mm KnitPicks Options
Yarn: Zettl Treviso sock yarn (from Lidl), 1 ball
This yarn is ridiculously cheap, but it was great for this shawl. Nice and light, but very good stitch definition.
I knit like the proverbial wind this weekend. I cast on for this on Saturday night, and blocked it last night at about 11pm. Did you ever just hit a knitting "sweet spot" where you get in the groove and just churn it out? That's what this was. Pure joy knitting. I think it was a combination of yarn, pattern and motivation. I'm making this for one of the ladies in my knitting group who's a bit poorly at the moment, and I think this should cheer her up.
We meet on Tuesday nights (Starbucks beside the Leisureplex in The Blanchardstown Centre, 7-9pm in case you're interested in coming along) so I really wanted to give it to her this Tuesday. And I shall!

Doesn't it look great? I'm delighted with it. Definitely something I'll make again, I think.

Alice & I made her a Get Well Soon card this evening too. I think it's cute:

I also managed to finish this:

It's the dress for Alice's teddy/bunny. A bit tight, methinks. Perhaps she could do with laying off the carrots for a while. Still, it's an outift, and it has a hole for her tail, too:

This is my attempt at a Lindsay Lohan type red carpet photo where they contort their heads round so you can see their butt. I know, I'm no Lord Litchfield, but you get the idea. You can see the tail poking out. :D

In other FANTASTIC news, I've been nominated for 3! (THREE!!) Irish Blog Awards! Two are for this blog in different categories, and the other is for a joint blog run by myself and Wyvernfriend: Irish Knitting & Crochet. In fairness, though, most of the credit for the Irish Knitting blog really should go to Wyverfriend, she does an amazing job of work every week posting the Irish Crafty Blog update. I just tinker in the background and add the odd bit of news. Still! Whoopee!

Good Knitting!


Bionic Laura said...

You must have needles of flame! So fast. Well done, it's absolutely gorgeous too.

Well done on the blog award nominations too, totally deserved!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow ! How much coffee did you consume this weekend ! That's some fast knitting. The shawl is lovely. I may try that one myself. The bunny outfit is adorable. Congratulations on your nominations also !

Máirín said...

The bunny dress isn't tight - it's 'bodycon'!

WorstedKnitt said...

That's pretty! Please tell the lady Get Well Soon from me too :) And say hi to everyone else too please. I must come and see you sometime. Apropos, are you still planning on an Eurovision trip to Germany? Dusseldorf is 30 min drive from where I live..!

Alrischa said...

That's good value for one ball of sock yarn ;) They look like little angel wings.

del said...

Good Lord, did your needles catch fire? The shawl is amazing, I can't believe you finished so quickly!

Love the bunny outfit and the Lohan pose, lol. Keep bunny out of jail, though.

Congrats on the award nominations. I hope you win!

Tara said...

I think Alice's bunny should be called Jessica Rabbit now ;)