Friday 25 March 2011

More surprises!

I came home from work today, to find another surprise package had arrived!

The really lovely Two Cables n' A Frapp... had a prize giving on her blog recently, and I was one of the winners! It arrived today, and this is what she sent me:

Poems of Color, Knitting in the Bohus Tradition. I can't believe it, how generous is that! Thanks SO much, I've been eyeing up this book for a long time, and I'm really looking forward to curling up and reading all about the history of this gorgeous knitting tradition. Head on over and check her blog out, it's great! Aren't knitters great? Who else would do such a nice thing.

I was reading my Vogue Knitting last night, and they have a section on all the different kinds of yarn bowls you can get. I saw this one, and was smitten:

They're from Maid Of Clay on Etsy. She will personalise your bowl with your name or whatever you want! Isn't it fab? I'd love one of these.

Good knitting!


WorstedKnitt said...

I love that yarn bowl!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I'm happy you are pleased with your prize !!! You're such a great blogger, you deserve a prize. -- Okay, I love the yarn bowl. I'm headed over to Etsy to check out her items and prices !

Cathy said...

Must agree! Yarn bowl gorgeous!

Lien said...

Ooooh, that Poems of Color book could certainly keep me occupied for weeks!

Anonymous said...

That looks like an awesome book!

And the bowl...I think I'd just leave it on a table for decor and not even use it, it's so cute.

Tara said...

Wow, how cool is that? I remember you telling me you wanted to check that book out. Awesome!

craft-chick said...

Thanks for sharing about the yarn bowl, may have to ask for one for Mother's Day!

Betty said...

I love this bowl very much with the name, but i could never afford that.