Saturday 12 January 2008


I got yummy buttons today at my LYS for the baby cardigan:
Cute little teddy bears, aren't they gorgeous? I think they finish off the cardigan beautifully. I have another button left over, but I think it looks better with the collar open. I wish I could finish off the neck a little tidier, but I'm out of ideas, so it will have to do. I will know better if I ever knit this again and cast on tighter.

While I was in the LYS I just couldn't help myself and bought this:

3 Skeins of Panda Cotton in colour Fern. Well, technically I didn't buy them, my husband picked them out for me to make him a pair of socks! I couldn't believe it, he has until now refused any knitting from me. He hates the feel of wool against his skin so when I pointed out that this has no wool and in fact has anti bacterial bamboo, he was sold. Yay! It's his birthday-that-shall-not-be-mentioned (40 snigger) on the 29th Feb (leap year baby, I'm buying him an "I am 10" badge!) so I would love to give him these then as part of his present. I must pick a really nice pattern for them now. Something manly, perhaps with some cables... hmmm. Suggestions welcome!

Other yarn goodness, one of my SnB friends, Lumia, gifted me this fabulous ball of Lana Grossa Meilenweit in a really rich navy colour.

She is so nice! She was in Germany for Christmas and naturally had to buy some yummy German sock yarn. It's my Father in Law's 75th birthday party next Sunday, do you think I'd have a pair of these knit by then? I dunno, I'm not going to cast on until tomorrow as I'm having a few drinks tonight, so we'll see.


dmaxi said...

Wow! You must be some speed knitter to complete a pair of socks in a week! RE socks for DH: I recommend "Back to Basics" from Knitty, Fall'07. They're very manly - I'm knitting a pair for my DH @ the mo. Very unusual construction around the gusset and uses the magic cast on, which I've fallen in love with.

Worstedknitt said...

You're very welcome :) Can't wait to see the socks you make of it. I absolutely Love the bear buttons!