Friday 11 January 2008

First EZ pattern


I became an aunt again on Tuesday night. I got the phone call while at Stitch n Bitch that my sister in law had had a baby girl, Anna! So, I decided that the Frankie Sweater I had made was nice, but not quite girly enough. As soon as I got home, I pulled out one of my Christmas presents, the Knitters Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman and cast on for the Baby Sweater on Two Needles.

This is my first attempt at top down construction and the pattern is very vague, but I forged ahead.

Everything went swimmingly, and I got it all knit up in more or less one day as I am off sick with an awful migraine at the moment. I found the sleeve instructions very confusing and thought I had done a good job, but as I was casting off I realised that I had picked up across the top of the sleeve instead of around it so there was no armhole to put the arm through! The sleeves were just hanging there like two pocket flaps! I couldn't believe it and was dreading having to rip the whole thing back and waste an entire days knitting, when I decided to experiment.

I decided to try a steek of sorts. It was only cheap white acrylic, if it went wrong, well, I'd chalk it up to experience. I picked up stitches from the sleeve and cardigan and knit them together, then took a scissors and cut in between the top and bottom of the sleeve on the inside and sewed a hem around the cut edges. It's not perfect, but I think I salvaged it. Let me know what you ,think! I would like to get some cute duck or bear buttons for it and maybe tidy up the cast on (neck) edge of the cardigan but I was thrilled with my problem solving!

Isn't it just really cute? I wish I had been knitting when my daughter was born, this would have made a fantastic christening cardigan.

The tangled yoke progresses nicely, I've about 5" of the ribbing at the bottom done.
I'm on jury service next week so I wonder if I might get some sock knitting done in between the trial (if I get selected)?


Anonymous said...

That cardi came out so cute! Your problem solving really worked because it looks great.