Friday 18 January 2008

FIL Sock Race

Ok, I have finished sock no 1 of the Cable with Faggoting Center & Twisted Rib socks from Sensational Knitted Socks for my Father in Law's 75th birthday on Sunday. Odds of finishing the second one in time? I would have say nil at this point.
It has turned out better than I thought though. I was afraid the yarn was so dark that the pattern wouldn't show.

I don't know if the pattern can be seen in the photo (navy is so hard to photograph!), but it's a lovely cable and rib pattern.
I have been knitting this solidly since I cast on. I have had lots of time too, being on jury duty involves a lot of sitting around in between being called down to the courtroom to hear evidence, not to mention bus travel time!
While we are in the courthouse we are supervised by the gardaí (Irish police) and they have been having great fun with me, as the navy of the socks is the exact same color as their uniform so they having been asking me can I make them a pair of socks! I said of course, for a small fee, and they were laughing. It's nice to lighten the atmosphere a bit as this is quite a sombre week I've had and the trial is expected to last another week. The court usher wants a pair of gloves too!

Anyway, back to the socks. I was thinking of wrapping one of them and enclosing an IOU for the second one, so I have something to give him on the day. What do you think? I reckon that even if I stayed up and knit all night I still wouldn't have them done on time.


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful you can bring your knitting on jury duty & that you've been having fun with everyone with it! I think an IOU is a good idea--I had to do with my husband's socks this past Christmas (still not done, LOL).