Monday 7 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
May 2008 bring all you wish for and more.

I have been trying to come up with some New Years Knitting Resolutions but not doing too well so far, so I will try and have some for the next post.

I have finished the Premiere Pullover! Hurrah! I got it done yesterday afternoon while watching Pirates of the Carribbean 3.

I'm pleased with the final result. It took me almost 3 months of knitting every so often, as I couldn't keep going with all the cabling all the time. My fingers hurt! I learned a lot from this project. Cabling without a cable needle, picot bind off and crochet! I doubt I will knit this again, but I suppose I should never say never.
A close up of the neck:

You can't really see the bobbles from the picot bind off, but man those suckers took forever to do! BO5, CO3, BO5 etc.
Anyway, I hope my friend likes it for her birthday!

In the meantime, I cast on for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang from IK Fall 07.

I'm knitting it in the 46" size, using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in a yummy light brown. It doesn't look like much progress, but there's 247 stitches per row! That's a lot of stitches! Still, once I get past the garter rib and onto the stockinette this will be a great Stitch n Bitch meeting project, I can chat and knit without having to worry about counting.

That's all for now, I hope to have the Child's First Sock finished next time as I'm back in work and so back to car commute knitting.
Have a good one!


Susan said...

Great job! Your friend is going to LOVE it!


del said...

Wow, what a pretty sweater. Your friend is really lucky.

I still haven't CO for Tangled Yoke, but I'll be looking forward to your progress; it's such a beautiful cardi.