Monday 2 March 2009

Too funny

I just read this on the Berocco blog and thought I had to share:

There's a show on NPR called Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me that reminds me a lot of I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue on BBC Radio. It's really funny.
Anyway, one of the presenters "dissed" homemade jumpers as itchy (when discussing knitting sweaters for bald chickens of all things) and of course Ravelry responded, suggesting knitting him a jumper to prove him wrong.
Berocco have sent yarn to the volunteers and they're going to send him a sweater!
Here's his response to the Ravellers: Clicky. Go to the section Round 2 that includes a message from Mo. Hilarious stuff.


Sharon said...

Wait, Wait is one of my favorite NPR shows (that and This American Life are always updated on my ipod.) I've yet to listen to this episode, though. I heard when he dissed the sweaters...repeatedly. That's funny they're knitting him a jumper now. Thanks for the heads up.