Sunday 14 June 2009


Morning everyone. It's just after 7am here and I'm up. On a Sunday morning. Not happy. Insomnia sucks.

But, I do have an FO!
My February Lady Sweater. In all it's still-slightly-damp-but-I'm-wearing-it-to-WWKIP-anyway-glory

I love the buttons. These were some of the ones I bought at Ravelry Day last week.

The back:

A close up of the gull stitch pattern. So easy to remember which makes for a very easy knit.

Yesterday was WWKIP day and I had a great time.
Here are some pics:
In the morning we knit on the balcony of the Powerscourt Shopping Centre, location of that fine yarn establishment, This is Knit:

It was lovely sitting there and knitting, although it got a bit hot later on when the sun was shining through the glass roof. I cooked for a little while in it.
This Is Knit had a prize draw for people who spent over €20 in the shop, so of course I had to go in "just for a look". I bought a gorgeous book, Victorian Lace Today, which hopefully will get me knitting lace properly. I also got a skein of this:

Wendy Happy in Aries. They released a different colour for every star sign except mine (Cancer). Boo. So I bought Alice's colour instead to make her a nice pair of socks.

So I was entered into the prize draw. Later in the day the girls from the shop came in to us at the balcony for the draw. They passed round the cup with the names in it and each person picked out a winner. I picked out my own name much to my shock. I couldn't believe it!

My prize? A copy of the Yarn Harlots book, Stephanie Pearl McPhee Casts Off. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Afterwards we headed off to our second location, St. Stephens Green right in the middle of the city. I love this green and often come here at lunch time for a breath of air and some peace away from my crappy job.

We set up picnic blankets and foldaway chairs and got straight down to the knitting.

The weather was perfect. Nice sun, light cool breeze. Perfect.

And we had a brass band to entertain us! They were terrific, and made the day even better.

I had such fun meeting up with people I had only known on Ravelry and we chatted away for ages.

Bioniclaura was spinning with a drop spindle. She's seriously good at this, btw. She showed me how to do it and let me have a go. It was great fun, but I don't think I'll be giving up my day job anytime soon, my spun yarn was very lumpy!

I also learned how to make stitch markers! Teaandcakes very kindly brought along all the bits required and showed me how. I made three and I am hooked. I can't wait to get the gear and get going!

A busy knitty day yesterday but a very enjoyable one. I knit my second Sunshine sock all day. I'm at the heel now, so I hope to have it finished soon.

And I just realised that next Sunday is Fathers Day. So, there goes my plan of making my Dad a pair of socks. Aww.


Alrischa said...

I love your FLS, especially that row of eyelets! For some reason I find that detail very cute Ü

I couldn't seem to find anything knitted to wear to WWKIP day!! I'll have to get onto that! Wish we could have had it outside in the sun... your day looked like loads of fun.

knitting it up said...

It was lovely to meet you! We must all meet up again sometime soon, definitely.

kelgell said...

Hey, looks like your sweater fits quite well. Nice work. I joined some others for WWKIP too. Was a bit of fun. Yours looked like a great day. And I love that green!!! Makes me want to come to Ireland. One day...

Jagienka said...

Oh I knew the cardi will block to the perfect size. It fits you perfectly! Glad you had fun at WWKIP day. We met in much smaller group in Galway (and indoors due to showers every 5 minutes). It seems like the meeting last weekend, which was a blast btw, is just a beginning of real Galwegian Stitch'n'Bitch gruop. Can not wait ...

Tara said...

Great job on the sweater, Sinéad! It looks great on you, and the buttons are adorable!

WorstedKnitt said...

Oh no it all looks so lovely! The sweater, the WWKIP! I can't believe I missed it... well, I'll be KIPing next weekend, maybe that counts? Looks like you had good fun!

Bionic Laura said...

I love the FLS too. Very nice. It was such a fun day knitting in the park. Roll on next years one!