Tuesday 23 June 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

So it's that time of year again. I'm last year + 1.
I had a great day yestersday, once I'd left work! I hate working on my birthday. Still, I'm off today and I'm test driving more cars, so it's ok.

First up, some lace progress! I know, lace. But I was dying to try it properly so I cast on for this pattern from Victorian Lace Today.

This was how much I had done the other day - the first chart completed.

This is how much I had done this morning. It's a really easy two row pattern repeat and I'm enjoying it! It doesn't look like much now, as always with lace it needs blocking to bring out the true beauty of the pattern. The yarn is Knit Picks Shimmer (Baby Alpaca and Silk). The colour is Stained Glass.

So, shall we get onto birthday pressies? I thought you would want to!
Check out the birthday card John got me:

I don't know if you can read the front, but it says "Surely you can take a little ribbing on your birthday" and on the inside it says "And don't call me Shirley"
Best knitty birthday card ever. He's the best!

Of course there was some stash enhancement too ;)
I don't know what this yarn is. It looks like laceweight and looks like it has mohair in it, but there's no label on it. I know John bought it in Marias Garn in Stockholm but that's it. Does anyone have any ideas what it is?
Isn't it yum?

He also got me a skein of this:

It's hand dyed Fargkraft yarn, Palsblend in Tulpan colourway. Ravelry says it's laceweight, but to me it feels like sockweight yarn.

Amn't I lucky? He's such a pet.
We went to see Bill Bailey last night. He's so funny! I had a great time. Alice stayed the night with Johns brother & his wife so it's really quiet here in the house this morning.
So, another birthday done. I had a great time and it was great to take my mind off things with my Mam & Dad.


WorstedKnitt said...

Happy happy birthday!

Nicola said...

That's some great loot you got there! Happy Birthday!

Tara said...

Sweet! I'm not expecting any knitty gifts from MY hubby this year, as he's still miffed that last year's gifts have taken permanent residence in the stash.

knitting it up said...

Happy birthday! Love the card, he must have looked hard to find that.

Alrischa said...

amn't. lol. I suppose that is better grammar!

Lucky you for the pretty yarn, and for having a hubby who gets you yarn for your birthday! Hope you're having a great day :)

kelgell said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like your day was great. That's good to hear. Birthdays should be celebrated one way or another.