Friday 8 January 2010

The Big Freeze

It's freezing here. Freezing and I'm trapped in the house. Daughters school decided not to open until Monday, so I've had to come up with two extra days leave from somewhere. I don't know where yet, but I'll worry about that next week. Only problem is that the cold is meant to get worse next week, with lots more snow, so they better not say they're remaining closed next week!

On to knitting.
I've finished the Budding Lace Chart 2 and the next chart is the beginning of the nupps, so I've gone as far as I can go without the beads. I can't get into the city to get any, so my only option would be to order online. I'm not 100% au fait with beads, so I'm a bit nervous I'd order the wrong ones, although a friend recommended 4mm? I wonder should I just try the nupps, or put this to one side until I get the beads? I'm really enjoying knitting it and I'm afraid if I put it down it will languish. I need to think some more about it.
So, in the meantime I have cast on these:
Diagonal Lace Socks from Wendy Johnsons book, Socks From The Toe Up. This is a technique I wanted to learn as I always have lots of sock yarn left over at the end of making a pair that I don't know what to do with. This way, I can keep knitting till I run out.
I chose Judys Magic Cast On and it was really easy to learn. I'm not really feeling the love for the pattern though. I think the yarn overs are a bit big and the pattern repeat a bit short, so all I see are loads of ssk lines and big holes. I'm trying a couple of repeats knitting into the back of the yarn over to see if that pleases me more, otherwise these may end up going to the frog basket in the sky and I'll try a different pattern. It's all learning though, right?
And lastly, I hope to cast this on today:
Jared Floods Koolhaas Hat. I've wanted to make this hat for a ridiculously long time, and I figure this cold snap is the perfect opportunity. The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted and it's yum. I may end up having to Magic Loop this hat as I doubt I have dpns in big enough sizes. That'll be interesting. I haven't magic looped for ages, despite it being how I learned how to knit socks.
So fingers crossed Alice's school opens and I can get out of this house on Monday! I feel a bit trapped at the moment. Lucky I have my trusty knitting to keep me company (and sane)
Happy Knitting!


Anonymous said...

Love your lace project. It's cold here to. I would have thought Dublin would cope better than London.

knitting it up said...

I really like how the blue sock looks! Hope it all goes well :D

Anonymous said...

Bummer about school, but I think it's the perfect time for extra knitting! I see that it's cold everywhere.

Wow on the shawl. I can't wait to see it finished. And good luck on the hat; I think I love ALL of his patterns.

dmaxi said...

That Swallowtail is I think the beads are the right way to go. You'll be fine doing them - loads of info and advice on how-to on d'Itherneh.

Do you think Batt O'Keefe just wants a whole generation of kids growing up to think he's the best and vote for him in the future? There's no other logic!

Bionic Laura said...

This cold spell is giving rise to lots of lovely knitting. I can feel the warmth of the swallowtail shawl from here! The bead will be lovely.

Nicola said...

No luck for school until next Thursday eh? What are we working parents to do?

I wouldn't mind so much but the girlies are too busy and housebound to let me knit for long. The time out of work is no hardship of course, but like you I haven't got the leave to cover it. Ah well, it'll happen somehow I guess.

Lovely knitting tho'. Well done you.

Alrischa said...

It was 45C here today. That's 113F. :D

Want to swap for a few minutes?

I'm liking the toe-ups. Hope you can work them out so you like them, too. It's a nice cool color!

Tara said...

Knitting is good for sanity. So's alcohol. Sadly, the two don't erally mesh well, heh. The shawl looks FAN-TAS-TIQUE!

Averil said...

I´m just loving the shawl! If you feel like giving it a loving home once you´ve finished it would be really welcome to live out it´s days in Madrid!