Thursday 28 January 2010


It would seem some repairs are in order.

My Clementine Sock:

I'm really surprised at this one, I reckon I've only worn these socks 3 times. And it's Wollmeise, which is such fantastic yarn. It looks like the strand of yarn just broke, maybe a weak spot. Still, it should be fixed in a jiffy.

This, however, I'm not so sure about.
My Druid Mittens:

The whole top of the thumb is gone. And my poor thumb is cold every morning. To be honest, these mittens don't owe me anything, I've worn them constantly since I made them in September 2008. But I love them. My first and only pair of mittens I've made, my first BrooklynTweed pattern, and my first Vogue Knitting pattern. I'm very attached to them. Alas, I think they're for the scrap heap and I shall make a new pair. I wonder if there's a Ravelympics event for mittens? That way I could double up practicality with medal winning!
Bonus! Or, I could try a colourwork pair of traditional mittens. Hmm. I have a €20 voucher for The Constant Knitter who sells Garnstudio yarns. Does anyone know which ones would be best for stranded mitten knitting? Perhaps in a nice navy & cream??

I'm at the heel of the second toe up sock thank God. Can you believe I've nothing else on the needles??? Shock! I'm hanging on by my fingernails waiting on the Ravelympics. But, considering they don't start till Feb 12th, I doubt I'll last that long. We'll see!

Good knitting!


Laura said...

Ping Aileen on the mitten issue - she has an amazing pair of colourwork ones that you'd love.

kelgell said...

Bummer about the holes. Specially in the sock. Bizzare. Hope you can fix them alright.

Hey, how did you get those bars up on your blog that show your works in progress? I'd like to put some on my blog too.

kelgell said...
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kelgell said...

Oh, ha ha. Sorry for the echo. My internet was playing up and I didn't think the first one worked.

Tara said...

I agree, holes are indeed a bummer. Good for you for trying to fix the socks, though! I would have just tossed them :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the sock! Looks like a quick fix, though.

Poor mitten, sounds like you're really nostalgic about it. But the good news is you can always make more!

Lien said...

That mitten looks fixable, doesn't it? A shame to retire them, if you've had such a good time with them.