Monday 11 January 2010

Change of Socks

So I gave up on the Diagonal Lace Socks and changed the pattern to the Lace and Cable Socks.
I found errata in the Diagonal pattern and lost the head with it. Errata + me = blood boil & frog.
I think these are looking much better. I'm past the heel and on the home stretch of the first sock:

Not looking too bad. I'll just have to try extra hard to cast off loosely. I think I'll do EZs sewn cast off. That's nice & stretchy.

In good news, my beads arrived this morning! Really quick service from I-Beads.
I ordered 4mm bicone Swarovski crystals:

Sorry for the crappy picture, but beads being the sparkly things that they are, the pictures kept blurring.
The only problem I have now is the application. I was planning on using a crochet hook to apply them. The smallest hook I have is 1.5mm and it doesn't fit through the bead hole! I might try with a sewing needle, but I have a feeling this could get messy.
I could also thread the beads on the other end of the yarn, but that involves unwinding lots of laceweight (huge knot potential) and counting how many beads I'm going to need (not good math potential).
We'll see what happens.

I'm still off work, schools are meant to be closed till Thursday, but it started raining last night and hasn't yet stopped, so the roads are way better. Hopefully they'll do the sensible thing and reopen them tomorrow, but I doubt it. Irish government + sensible decisions does not compute.

Until then I'm getting cracking on the Swallowtail!

So yesterday we decided to make a proper snowman.
Then we decided to make a "different" type of snow creature:

Meet Perkins, the snow bunny. Alice named it. We'd no snow face feature supplies (does anyone?), so I had to delve into the spices. Can you spot them?
A Star Anise nose and cardamom pod teeth. I think it looks like a vampire bunny.

Good knitting!


Tara said...

He TOTALLY looks like a vampire bunny, you're right! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Cute snow bunny! :-)

I agree, errata can be annoying, especially when you can't always remember to look for them. The new socks are coming along nicely.

Alrischa said...

1.5mm is too big? ooo... sounds like complicated and pretty laceweight. I bet, at that size, you could just make a hook out of wire, or use a needle threader.

Nicola said...

Looks purdy!

A hook out of wire sounds like the business. Or, you could capture the stitch to be beaded with a thread....thread that onto a needle that fits through the bead (obviously!)...and thread that through the bead....or something like that.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Lien said...

Those socks look purty- that lace pattern would be awesome for knee socks, don't you think?