Monday 15 March 2010

Desperately seeking Inspiration

A thoroughly uninspiring blog post today.
I'm totally out of inspration. I feel like I'm plodding along in a mire of slow progress with very little to show.
I've done 27 out of 30 repeats on my Myrtle Leaf Shawl. Not worth photographing, it's the same as before, just a bit longer.
My Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater progresses (boringly). I've finished the body and one sleeve.
Here's my progress on a phoney seam on the sleeve. I was a bit dubious about its merits but decided I'd try it on this garment. So far, I've been converted.

It lies much flatter where I've done the seam, so I can immediately see the difference it will make when blocking. Isn't mad how much yarn is revealed when you drop down one stitch? I was petrified when I was letting it drop down, and even more so when I saw the yawning gap it left! But, once I picked it up according to EZ's instructions, there is no gap and it does look really good. My bravery has been rewarded.

Nothing else knitty to report, like I said, I'm completely out of inspiration. I'd love to find a project that I loved so much I couldn't put down, but so far it eludes me.
Plus, I'm off work Wed (for St. Patricks Day), Thur & Fri (all alone yay!) this week, so I've LOADS of potential luvly knitty time ahead of me. I shall search Ravely once more seeking the project-that-must-be-knit-NOW.

I tried out the granny square from a crochet book I recently snagged for a few bob in a discount book store recently, Crochet Lace
I was up at 7am last Sat and got cracking. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo of it. A shame, really, as it turned out quite nicely, but it was circular rather than square. I suck at reading crochet patterns. I truly do. :(

A lovely weekend was had here, on Saturday we went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the local cinema. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. Afterwards we went out for a Thai meal. NOM.
On Sunday I had Mam, Dad & my aunt round for dinner for a belated birthday dinner for Dad, & a Mothers Day dinner for Mam.
Poor Dad had a rough week. Colonoscopy no 2 didn't work & they kept him in the hospital on Thurs night. He had a dye injected and was sent for a contrast CT scan instead on Friday morning. We won't know the results for 6 weeks, 6!!!!! How ridiculous. Poor Dad is very worried that theres something sinister going on, as his sister died of bowel cancer when I was a teenager.
Hopefully everything will be ok.
Anyway, much fun was had by everyone on Sunday:

The birthday boy (87, Peter Pan eat your heart out!), my Mam, me & Alice.
I love you Mam & Dad.

Alice made me a gorgeous card for Mothers Day:

She's really becoming quite the cardmaker, she loves it.
I brought her to the local craft shop on Saturday (that doesn't sell yarn grr) and she happily spent €30 on craft stuff. I don't mind if I keep getting lovely cards like this!

If you have project ideas that really inspired you, let me know!
Good knitting!


Nicola said...

Happy birthday to your Dad! What a stylish chap. Fingers crossed for his results.

Hmmm. An inspiring pattern? Now there's a challenge. What are you in the mood for? Sweater? Socks? Accessories?

(I've sent you a little pressie on Rav to see if it rocks your mojo.)

Tara said...

Nice card indeed! Sounds like a lovely day with your parents, glad you had fun. Hope you found your mojo, my dear!!!