Wednesday 31 March 2010

With these gifts

For what I am about to knit with, I am truly thankful.
I noticed that This Is Knit had got a new delivery of Malabrigo in.
Before I knew it, my legs had carried me down to the shop at lunchtime Like a siren, it lured me into its clutches and I left with two delicious, beautiful, soft, cuddly, nommy skeins of this:

Malabrigo Lace. Mmmm. It's just faboo. This stuff is going to become a Summit shawl. So enamoured with it am I, that I have already wound one skein in anticipation of casting on! It's amazing how much a shot of new yarn can help your mojo!
Although I'm not forgetting my Miss Potter mittens pattern that Nic gave me. That will hit the needles very soon too.

I have also wound one skein of Cascade 220 in a cornflower/pale blue to start the Hemlock Ring blanket for my friend with. I just found out she's expecting after ages of trying, and I'm so happy for her I could just dance around the house. She's going to be an amazing Mom. I've deliberated about the yarn colour, but the blue is really pale, and I think it will be ok. Anyway, I've a 50/50 chance of it being a boy, and if not, sure she can use it as a bed blanket or a lap blanket for herself! Also, who says girls can't be seen in blue!

On to WIP progress.
A pair of plain ol socks in blue for hubby:

I'm using Berroco Comfort Sock for these as there's no wool in it. He's looking forward to them already. I knew once he wore his first pair of handmade socks he'd never look back!
I really want to have these done by June as we have a special occasion coming up and I'd love him to wear them for it.

The Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater progresses:

I've almost finished the second sleeve. You can see in the photo above that there's not much left to do. Then I get to join them to the body and work a few inches of plain stockinette before the colourwork fun begins. Yipee! I'm really looking forward to the colourwork part. The stockinette part, not so much :)

This also arrived in the post for me today:

Nancy Bushs Knitted Lace of Estonia. *sigh* Everything looks so floaty and pretty and difficult. But I just have the lace bug at the moment, so I couldn't help myself., not that you'd know by my lack of progress on my Myrtle Leaf Shawl!
Anyway, I deserved a little something to cheer myself up.

So, I'm bringing my Mam & Dad away for a week this Easter Sunday.
For my holiday knitting, I shall be bringing:
  • The Hemlock Blanket supplies
  • The Summit supplies
  • The Plain Ol Sock
  • and maybe
  • The Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater
One can never over-pack knitting stuff for holidays. And I'm only going a 2 1/2 hour drive away, so it's not that luggage space is an issue ;)

I'm unsure what the internet availability will be next week. I was in the same place last year, and there was only a really weak internet signal in the hotel reception (we're staying self catering in houses about a 10 min walk from the hotel). I'll try and get online a couple of times, but in case I don't, have a great week everyone, and Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

I have that book too and love it, though I don't know when I'll have time to make anything from it!

Love the pretty red yarn. And I agree, you can never have too much knitting with you -- what if you finish everything??

Have a wonderful trip!

Alrischa said...

Doesn't the cover shot look huge and beautiful and floaty. Sigh. It took me so long to make a small ishbel, but I'll do some more lace one day. Have fun on holidays! Ü

barazile, livpåIrland said...

Hi Sinead, I just found your blog, I love knitting too, I wish I'd never learnt to drive, then I could be driven by anyone else and I could Knit!!!
I love the red colour of that gorgeous wool, and I also love the look of the Lace Of Estonia book, but hey, there's a limit to what one should allow oneself buy....
I'll be beack again for a good look around, Norwegian star Earflap hat sounds interesting!

Averil said...

Enjoy the well deserved break, and damn if I'd known you were going for a week i would have sent along my throw to see if the fairies could help sewing it up!

I really want to knit the hemlock blanket too and did you mention Summit? *sigh* so much to do so little time.. Happy knitting!

Tara said...

Ooooh, Malabrigo Lace. I've yet to try it, but I'm sure it's fabulous. Can't wait to see your Summit!