Wednesday 24 March 2010

Time Flies

Where does time go? I think it goes into a black hole somewhere that sucks all time away from me, leaving me bereft of knitting opportunities.
I know I haven't been feeling the knitting love, but this must be the longest I've gone where my knitting & I have been separated from each other.

Since Sunday, I've failed to finish Alice's Hello Kitty scarf. In fact, I've knit about 4 rows. I managed about 10 or 12 rounds of the second sleeve of my Colourwork sweater at knit night last night. That's it.

I just haven't had a minute, and when I manage to find one, I don't feel like knitting. I think it's a bit of a dose of stress. Dad got a phone call from the hospital yesterday, that they want to see him on Friday about his contrast CT. He had an appt scheduled for April 13, so why are they calling him in now?? I'm terrified it's bad news. I've managed to get Friday off from work (don't ask how) so I'm going with him. I can't shake a bad feeling about it. I lay awake all last night thinking about it. I'm such a naysayer, I need to quit it and learn how to think positively.

Hubby is out at band practice tonight, and I should be enjoying my girly tv and knitting furiously, but instead I'm procrastinating and wandering round the house, avoiding doing anything much.

I need to shake this restlessness!


craft-chick said...

I know that for as crafty as I am there are times when I'll go days not doing much of'll find your way back. I hope the news you hear on Friday is good news....and if it isn't, pick up your needles. When my Father was sick I knit like a fiend... I couldn't stop what was happening, but I knew how to do a yarnover, and there's a comfort in that.

Averil said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm the same way. When I think knitting will help me with stress, I don't feel like doing it! Just do whatever helps. It might not be knitting right now.

Tara said...

Sending you positive vibes, and feeling so sad about not knowing about this sooner!!!