Friday 26 March 2010

Thinking Positive

OK, so I brought Dad to the hospital today. We got there at 9.30am, and weren't seen by the doctor until almost 12. That's nearly 2 1/2 hours. Totally unacceptable in my book.
Anyhoo, the doctor says there's a growth in my Dads bowel that's either a polyp or cancer. Apparently it's 3.5cm. Is that big? I've no clue.

She also said things are made more difficult because he has diverticulitis. Most peoples bowel walls are smooth, his is bumpy and uneven, which makes any test more dangerous for fear of perforation.

He has to go into hospital on Apr 13 for two days before another test which should tell us more.

Please God it's a polyp and not cancer, please God.

Although this means the holiday I've planned for them starting on Easter Sunday isn't going to be much fun with this hanging over us. Mam has no idea, I don't see the point in telling her and Dad agrees, she'd only be upset for a little while & then forget.

Poor Dad. He looked so small in the chair as the Dr was telling us today. I just felt helpless. All I could hear was the word cancer. His sister died at 57 from bowel cancer so I just kept thinking of her. I bet he was too. Not helped either by the Dr constantly referring to his age (87) and how everything was a high risk. STFU, he's fitter than anyone I know FFS. (Except maybe Tara, coz she has running skillz.)

I'm so scared that this could be cancer, I can't really think of anything else right now. I'm desperately trying to be positive, but I think that in order to do that, I need a bit of a pity session first to get it out of me.

I have a feeling that tonight I'm just going to get drunk and have a good cry. Then I should be able to deal with them both tomorrow.

Ok, pity party over. My knitty parcel arrved today.
More yarn from the Shetland Islands:
Extra grey 2ply jumper weight for my Seamless Colourwork Yoke Sweater:

This should be enough to finish it off.
While I was ordering it, this was on special offer:
It's 10 balls of DK weight 100% shetland wool in black. God knows what I'll make with it, but it was a bargain so I couldn't say no!
I know it's a crappy photo, but I wasn't really in the mood for special lighting today.
I've fallen in love with the pattern for Summit from the latest Knitty, I really want to make this.
There's a few of us in the Irish Knitters Group & the Dublin Knit Collective on Ravelry that are talking about a KAL. My problem, apart form my growing pile of WIP's? I've no sport weight yarn that the pattern calls for. Could I use the DK weight I just bought in black, or could I maybe use some yummy Jaggerspun Laceweight or Mongolian Cashmere I have in my stash? Would using them mean that it would turn out much larger/smaller? I'm unsure. All I'm sure about is that I lurve the pattern, and I need some knitting for the holiday I'm bringing Mam & Dad on soon & to stop me thinking negative thoughts. Any suggestions appreciated.
Speaking of the new Knitty, WTF are these all about? Gams
Maybe I'm being cruel, but, seriously? Is this an April fool? And OMG the hairy skinny model legs & the mad eyeshadow. I don't mean to cause offence, really I don't but no. Oh no. These will never see my needles or stash. No. No.No.


UnderMeOxter said...

I love how ordering 4 balls of wool means you buy 10 more for an unknown project, just coz they're on sale - you're a gas woman!

I looked at Summit too and I wanna make. KAL might be in order. I think it doesn't matter what yarn weight you make it in. Yes it will be bigger / smaller depending but it's a shawl vs scarf. Gauge isn't as important as enjoying doing the technique.

About your Dad and this health scare. I don't know what to say to you. It's pointless to tell you not to worry because that's just impossible. Maybe phone the Irish Cancer Society (not that it's cancer) so that you don't feel like you're dealing with it on you own. Hugs to you and fingers crossed.

kelgell said...

Oh sorry to hear about your dad. I'll pray for the best results possible. Hope you all have a good holiday anyway.

I DO like the summit pattern. So interesting and nice. Very cool. I'm sure, since it's not a fitted item that you could use anything you wanted to make it. Thicker wool would make it, well..thicker and heavier so it depends on the feel that you want. And as for the GAMS...LOL. I agree with the no. Knitted pants in general are just wrong I think.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending positive vibes and hugs your way. Doctors don't always know everything! Just glad that your parents have you to look out for them.

Yeah, when I saw Gams, I was like "Huh??" They're...different. lol.

Nicola said...

So sorry that you have all that worry ahead of you about your Dad. Hoping for the best possible result.


Tara said...

Praying for a polyp, sweetie. I'd be sharing a pint and/or voddie with you if I could (running skillz ba damned). Hugs!