Wednesday 29 August 2007

Good night last night

The knitting club was good last night, 5 of us turned up. A bit disappointing after such a good start last week, but we had a great chat and good fun! That's what it's all about really. I must try and not let the stares from other people in the coffee shop bother me. I know they're just curious, but I feel a bit like a monkey in a cage when I look up and see them staring. I suppose I should be more pro-active and ask them if they want to join in!
I was working on the Summertime Tunic and it flies along!

I have finished the armholes on Dad's sweater now. I just need to sew up the two side seams and I'm done! Woohoo! I'll probably leave that until the weekend when I can do it in daylight. I'll probably try mattress stitch again as I think that seems to leave the most invisible join? It'll take me hours as I'm hopelessly bad at seaming. Still, when it's done, I'll be really proud of myself!
I made a decision this morning to dump the evil Tivoli Serene Alpaca sweater. I've just had enough. I gave it my best shot, but the yarn is so pernickety that it won't even meet me part way and try and behave. It definitely is evil personified.

I must try and think of a way to dispose of it that will satisfy my hatred for it. Any suggestions for ways that you "bumped off" yarns that you hated?


You Dropped One said...

I know how you feel about the monkey in a cage - a few of us knit in Starbucks in Belfast and get stared at a lot but after 16+ weeks people have stopped staring and some have taken to smiling at us...the staring doesn't bother any of us now, we just assume they're jealous that they're not sitting knitting and enjoying the craic with us :)