Wednesday 22 August 2007

Knitting club success!

Well, the knitting club last night was a great success. About 10 or 15 people showed up, much more than I expected! It was great fun meeting all the new people, molesting their yarn and ogling their yummy magazines and pattern books. I couldn't believe the time passed so quickly! before I knew it 9pm had come around and it was time to go home. I'm really looking forward to next week. I hope we get the same kind of turnout every week - it'll be a roaring success!

I splurged while I was there and bought IK's Fall issue. Ok, I lie, I had been lying in wait for it like an animal stalking it's prey and the second it hit the shelves, I snatched my copy. I only had the briefest of glances at it, but I love Kathy Zimmerman's Dickinson pullover and Eunny Jangs Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I *must* get over this obsession I seem to have with cables. I don't know where it has come from! Bad Girl! Knit things that are at your skill level!
I'm not mad about the Tilted Duster, I think it would be great as a maternity cardigan, but would make me look like it was a maternity cardigan if I wore it. I suppose if you're all sylph-like (like the model) it would look faboo.

I made a horrific mistake last night on my hand-in-hand sweater! I knew I should have brought something easier with me to the group, but I don't have anything else on the needles except the alpaca cable sweater from hell, and I wasn't introducing myself to strangers by showing them that evil thing and them hearing me call it names all night.
So, I was doing great, second last row before I go home, boom. Disaster. I don't know what I did, but it just looked like a lump instead of a graceful cable. I tried to rip it back when I got home, but I'll post pics later so you can see how well that went! I think I may have to start the whole front again as I can't seem to get all the stitiches picked up again due to the cables. they're all over the place. Boo! I had done about 40 rows of the cable pattern and the ribbing. That took me ages!
The joys of knitting.