Tuesday 21 August 2007

Knitting Club Tonight!

I'm really excited. A new knitting club is starting tonight in the Starbucks in Borders, Blanchardstown. I think the start time is 7pm, but I hope to be there from 6.30 in case they need any help setting up etc.
I hope to see some others there!


Last said...

Hi Sinéad,

Just stopping by to wish you the best with your 'knitting' blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi--I just found your old blog & I don't mind reading about your personal life at all...it makes you seem more like a real person rather than a knitting machine, LOL. Anyway, I'll be checking in regularly!

Sinéad said...

Thanks for the comments guys, it's nice to know someone is reading!
Although i do feel the pressure is "on" to produce more knitted stuff now that I can't fill in the gaps with life!