Saturday 7 March 2009

Looking Dodgy

I think I may be in a spot of bother.
The clapotis progresses:

I'm up to Section 4, the decrease section and I've done two repeats of 12 rows.
I have 4 more to go and then the final rows.
However, I only have this much yarn left:

I very much doubt it's going to be enough. Now what do I do? As it's Wollmeise, I would be highly skeptical that anyone would part with some to help me finish this. Then again, I am amazed every day by the generosity of fellow knitters, so you never know!
I'll keep going until I run out and see how far I get before making the final decision.

Do you think the yarn is right for the pattern too? I think it's a bit "loud" if you know what I mean, y'know "Don't adjust your sets" kind of bright?

I've been seduced by Twitter. It's open all the time now, at work, at home etc. Plus, tweeting with Stephen Fry is quite something!


Tara said...

Eeek! I hope it works out! I don't think it's too loud, btw. I like it!