Thursday 12 March 2009

New project and a bit of a moan

I suppose I should get the moan out of the way first, and then we can end the post on a happy note.
Work have blocked a ton of sites as of this morning. Twitter is gone (sob) and I can't see any pictures on peoples blogs. They've done something hinky to Flickr. I've no idea how I'm going to keep up with blogs now! I apologise in advance if I don't comment on anyones latest posts, I had them all open today ready to go, and then when I couldn't see the pictures, how could I comment on them!
Still, the only positive thing is Ravelry is still ok. I'd lose my reason if that went! I reckon it's safe enough though, I'm probably the only person in the place using it, so it'll never show up on usage stats. (I hope!)

Right, onto cheerier things.
Some proper pics of my sensational, madly in love with Clapotis.

Did I tell you I freaking love this pattern and yarn? When I let the stitches down it totally changed the whole look of the yarn. Now it looks fiesty, passionate and ready to party.

I am going to rock Alice's communion! The other mothers don't stand a chance. heh.
All I need to do now is think about an outfit to wear with it. I'm thinking nothing too colourful, maybe a cream top & black trousers/skirt? Let me know, I've never been the best colour co-ordinator so all help appreciated.

I thought I'd show you this picture of the back of the Clap.

Doesn't it look like it's been woven on a loom? The way the colours are kind of striped is really cool.
I think it looks just as good on the "wrong" side as on the right one.

Now, onto a new project:

I've cast on for a Flutter Sleeve Cardigan (Ravlink) from IK Spring 08. I'm not really sure why I have, I don't know if this is going to suit my "ample" frame or not. Sure we'll give it a go. I love the yarn, this is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I bought two years ago on my first yarn shopping spree in Florida. The colour is called tea rose and it reminds me of the colour of Meggie's Ashes of Roses dress from The Thorn Birds, if anyone remembers that mini-series. (Richard Chamberlain, sigh)

Not much else to report, really. Oh, I got a ton of cheapy acrylic yarn today in Aldi. I got 8 balls of white DK (white is always handy to have), 8 balls of grey DK(hubby has his eye on this for another sweater. I told him to back the f off!), 2 balls of Mint Baby DK and 2 of Pink(charity knitting). I decided I'm going to knit a few things for charity. With these difficult economic times, I figure it's a good thing to do.
There you go! Have a good weekend if I don't post again. *mutter mutter work block mutter*


craft-chick said...

I love your clapotis, and it sounds like you enjoyed knitting it, which is good, mine felt like it dragged on and on! Have fun showing it off!

Alrischa said...

That clapotis looks like it's about to sponaneously combust!

I don't have much fashion sense, either, but I think I'd go with dark colors under that, black or brown or a dark red. You'll look like hot coals under the fire. LOL.

Too bad about your work. We're not allowed to look up Anything Good at work. There's not really time in the day, but you should be able to have a browse at 3am when everyone is asleep. Honestly.

Sharon said...

I LOVE your clapotis. Fabulous colors, too.

Tara said...

Hah! I agree with Tam, the Clap looks about ready to burst into flame! Smokin'! You're going to look fab at Alice's communion. And yes, I'd go with a simple cream top. Maybe even (gasp!) a cream dress?

"(hubby has his eye on this for another sweater. I told him to back the f off!)" LOL!!!

dmaxi said...

That Clap really kicks Ass! I haven't seen it in the flesh so I can't tell for sure about the colours but I don't think cream is right. It seems to me there's some Wine / burgundy in the colourway. I'd also advise dark colours - possibly picking up the darkest red (wine) if poss.

Then again, the Communion is probably in the Summer, yes? You may not want to be dressed in a dark suit. But if you got something in Linen or cotton or Crepe (sp?) it could work.

Sorry about your Internet access. Big Brother is always watching, however. My boss seems to think reading through the usage stats *is* her job - she spends most of her time doing it. That's why I abstain in work (on a day off today & at home).

Nicola said...

My vote is for cream - maybe not a whole suit, (hard to find?) but a jacket with a dress or trouser outfit in a solid colour, like greys, blues etc. Even some purples would be great with that fiery clapotis combo. Very nice.