Sunday 10 May 2009

Baby, baby

I've gone baby mad. Well, knitting for them anyway. The second part of my charity knitting promise, for the local childrens hospital for the premature babies.

The first one below is a Sirdar pattern. Ravlink.
Needles: 3.25mm and 4mm
Yarn: Sirdar Baby bonus DK
Size: to fit 36cm chest.

This pattern drove me nuts. Such a simple stitch, this should have been a piece of cake but the directions for the raglan shoulders were so badly written I ended up ignoring them and winging it myself. (Which is never a good thing). With the result that the decreases aren't the best. Still, it looks ok I suppose.
The hat was a lovely knit though. The turn up ribbing is cute!

Onto the second pattern:

Pattern: Ravlink, BBCLink
Yarn: Sirdar Baby Bonus DK
Needles: 5mm

Super simple and really quick pattern. Knit up while watching two episodes of Bones. Can't ask for better than that! And I think it's pretty cool too.

Pattern: Ravlink, Weblink
Yarn: Sirdar Baby Bonus DK
Needles: 4.5mm

This one is my favourite. It's probably the smallest too, but I'm sure it could easily be made a bit bigger. The lacy pattern is just lovely. I reckon this one only took me about 90 minutes to do this morning.

So, there you have it! My charity knitting promise fulfilled. Although at the speed the hats knit up I may be making some more!

In other news, hubby returned from Stockholm on Friday night with some goodies. I'm sure those of you following me on twitter already saw a pic of my goodies, but here's the ones I'm allowed to show for now. There is more but it's being witheld until my birthday next month.

He got me 10 skeins of this Raspberry Garnstudio Drops Alpaca:
And two skeins in this creamy contrasting colour:
Isn't he just the BEST?
It's so soft, I could just lie on it and sleep, happily dreaming of little alpacas jumping over fences.
I'm planning on making this baby with it. Ravlink. I've loved this pattern since I first saw it, but never had the right yarn. I'll have to work it out, but hopefully this will be enough for it. The yardage is fairly generous per skein.
Now, I need to open my suggestion box again. I am projectless, if you discount the Jaywalker socks which I'm kind of ignoring as I'm almost certain I won't have enough yarn to finish them, and if I resign myself to that I think I'll lose it. I get all antsy when I'm projectless.
I'm looking for something to wear to my sister and brother in law's 25th wedding anniversary at the end of the month. Something figure flattering that will go with a nice pair of black trousers or a black satiny skirt. I don't mind having to layer underneath it as I have a black cami, so something lacy wouldn't be too bad, but it MUST have sleeves. I can't abide my bingo wings on show. Anyone any ideas?
Oh, and my Summer IK arrived on Friday. Not, one. thing. to knit in it. :(


me said...

Wow - beautiful baby items! Those babies will be so lucky & blessed to receive them through your charity. Bless you for being so generous with your time & talent! I'm inspired to knit more hats for our church bazaar!!! Keep up the great work!

Alrischa said...

I'm knitting with alpaca at the moment (I knit while internet pages load) and it's so fluffy and soft! The SMP looks really nice, and it will be great in red with cream trims.

Aren't teeny baby items so cute? I love the hats. And hats are so important for teeny babies... because everything else gets wrapped up under a blanket!! lol.

WorstedKnitt said...

What lovely baby items! The lacy hat is the cutest thing!

Sorry, no suggestions for the project though...

Tara said...

I've got loads of baby weight acrylic that I was bequeathed... I should probably do some charity knitting as well.

As for project ideas... let me ponder a bit. It's 9 AM on a Monday morning, and I haven't finished my coffee...