Monday 25 May 2009

Back on the knitting track

Apologies guys for the last post. I try to keep this blog as knitting related as I can, but sometimes I just need to vent. Thanks to all who commented, it's nice to know I'm not alone in my quandary!

I do have other stuff going on with my Mam - it's reached a crisis point recently, but I'll save that for another day. No point going overboard with the pity party for one!

Anyway. What you come here for: knitting.
Progress continues on my February Lady Sweater.
I knew I hadn't a hope of finishing this for yesterday, although I reckon it won't be too long before I'm at the bottom. I do like my cardigans to cover my butt, but I'm not sure if this would be a bit too big? Maybe stop at the hips? I think that may be better as it swings open pretty much from the bust. Any longer and I may take off if it's a breezy day!
I'm really enjoying this knit. A dead easy pattern repeat means welcome mindless distraction. Plus the added bonus of a meaty project. Although I have to start a pair of socks soon before I pass out from the longing.
I decided to treat myself and donate to Ravelry at the same time. I had some Paypal funds, so I splashed out and bought this:
Isn't it great? I only ordered it last Thursday and it has winged it's way to me by today! That's good service I think. I plan on wearing it to UK Ravelry Day in two weeks time. I probably could have got a size smaller, but I like roomy t-shirts. Especially when I'll be travelling on planes, trains and buses!
A close up of the front:
And the back:
I love it!
I'll also be able to wear it to WWKIP day on June 13th. I've organised the Dublin meetup for St. Stephens Green south near the bandstand for 2pm. There will be a band playing too so it will be nice to sit, knit/spin/crochet, chat and listen to the music!
There are also plans to have a morning event at This is Knit in the Powerscourt centre, more deets if it goes ahead.
I've created a PDF flier for it but don't know how to upload it anywhere, so I'll post it on the Dublin Knit Collevtive group on Ravelry.


Laura said...

I didn't comment on your last post b/c I didn't have anything helpful to say - but I love that your blog is both knitting and your real life. Don't apologise - the non-knitting posts are just as important!

Tara said...

No need to apologise, it's your blog, after all!

Love the T-shirt. And I jumped in my seat when I read that WWKIP day will be held at Stephen's Green. That place features prominently in the novel I've been reading!

kelgell said...

Ha ha ha. It took me a while to get the t-shirt. It wasn't till I saw the pic with on the back that it finally clicked. Clever t-shirt.

Jagienka said...

I agree with what Laura said. We all have our days of weakness and doubts, the fact that you "talk" about them in public makes you a brave woman.

Anyways. Just wanted to let you know that I invited you, on my blog, to play a game! There'll be another non-knitting related post on your blog soon ;o) I hope