Wednesday 1 July 2009

Lost sock!

It's been a bit of a mad week chez moi. Just running round chasing my tail.

I'm nearly finished my lace scarf, I'm on the last chart for the border so I should be done by the weekend.

I'm about to cast on for my July Sock Innovation KAL sock, Rick.
I'm using this gorgeous stuff, Mountain Colours Bearfoot in Wildflower.
Hoping all goes well!
In sad knitty news, I've lost a sock. :( I had just started a pair of socks for Alice using the Wendy Happy yarn in Aquarius I'd bought for her and I don't know where I've put it! The last time I remember seeing it was in my Mam & Dads last Saturday, so heaven forbid, my Mam may have thrown them in the bin. This has become her habit recently, I've rescued plates and cups from the bin already so I'll have to check the bin the next time I'm round.
That's all my news for now, I hope to have the chance to post a proper post at the weekend.
I'll be 11 years married on Saturday, 11! I can't believe the time has gone by so fast. Maybe that's the sign of a good marriage?


knitting it up said...

happy wedding anniversary! hope the socks turn up. my father does things like that from time to time too so I know exactly how you feel.

kelgell said...

Why is it always the socks that go missing?? I hope you find it. Like the colour of your new sock yarn. And happy wedding anniversary. How lovely! May you have many many more wonderful years together.

Tara said...

I really love the colour of your next sock, Sin! Beautiful. Sorry to hear about your lost sock. That's happened to me once, and I was heartbroken!

Alrischa said...

Then didn't you end up with three, Tara?

Happy Wedding Anniversary! Hope this next one is a Good Year Ü