Sunday 19 July 2009

Happy weekend

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you are all having a nice weekend and not thinking of the dreaded W word tomorrow. I know I'm not!
I'm about to get snug in my chair and get knitting while I watch my EZ dvds for the zillionth time as hubby is upstairs killing stuff on the pc. I can't think of anything nicer ;)

I'm getting myself geared up for Tuesday. Mam has a hospital appt with the geriatrician for the whole day while they run a battery of tests and find out exactly what kind of Alzheimers she has. I've been kind of lying to her about it, saying it's just a checkup to see if the new tablets are agreeing with her. I don't think thats a bad thing really, as she wouldn't go otherwise!

I still haven't decided on a project to bring with me on holidays next Saturday along with my Hedera socks. It's so hard to choose! Maybe a nice cotton top for Alice? I dunno.
Speaking of Hedera socks, I'm way behind. I'm only 3 repeats into the leg of the second sock, and I need to get these done by the end of July for the KAL. But, they're doing fine otherwise.

In afghan news, I've finished chart 1!

What do y'all think? It's not perfect by any means which bugs me as I really wanted it to be, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. It's much more difficult than it looks, believe me!
The ends? OMG they're taking over the planet, breeding like rabbits :(
I've discovered a way to weave them in as I go thanks to Kaffe Fassett and the Vogue Ultimate Knitting book I bought half price, so that was worth it! Hopefully it'll go easier for me now.

I bought some backing fabric for it today, isn't it nice?

I thought both the red and the stars went well with the project, plus it'll make it much nicer to snuggle up in front of the tv with, won't it? And, I didn't want my SIL and BIL to see all the woven in ends! I'm smart, y'know, hiding the shoddy finishing, heh.
All I need now is to figure out how to sew it on once (if) I finish it!

Happy knitting and happy week!


knitting it up said...

Wow the blanket is looking gorgeous and well done on figuring out what to do with the ends. What happens with them please?

Alrischa said...

My brother is a carpenter, and he says most of the skill is in "hiding" the dodgy bits. lol.

kelgell said...

Ah, Sunday. Doesn't bother me. My work week starts on Saturday. Nice work on the Afghan. It's looking good to me. And that fabric looks like a great idea for backing. Love stars and I think it will go quite well with the pattern of the afghan. I'm sure you're family will love it. Hope you get it done in time. And I agree with what Alrischa wrote. There is much skill in hiding the dodgy bits. :)

Tara said...

I think the backing is a brilliant idea!