Sunday 12 July 2009

Startitis (sort of)

I bring news of great joy, bloggers!
Look what I found under a pile of shoes and handbags by my bed:

My little lost sock and needles! The poor thing looks a bit worse for the wear, but I'm sure with some gentle ripping and caressing it will return to its former glory. I can't believe I found it! (I also can't believe I had such a pile of crap by my bed that a sock could become lost for two weeks)

My Hedera sock progresses:

I'm almost at the toe of the first sock. Still not feeling the love for the yarn & pattern together, but I'll persevere because I'm not ripping out now!

Maybe that's where the little spurt of startitis has come in. I'm not hugely feeling the sock love so instead of finishing Hedera or pouncing on the prodigal sock I've decided to move a million miles away from socks and cast on this baby:
(Apologies if the pattern on Ravelry isn't fully correct, I added it yesterday morning whilst under the influence of lack of coffee.)
I must be mad starting a huge intarsia project like this. I really must. But, see, the thing is that my sister and brother in law are really good to us and let us use their holiday home in Florida every year. If it weren't for them I'd never have seen the States, or bought yummy yarn so I figure I owe them a nice present. I usually buy them a gift for the house each year as a thank you, but wouldn't this be so much nicer draped over the back of their couch?
I think so.
Only problem is I want this to be perfect.

I think it's looking good so far, but I'm hopeless at weaving in ends. They always seem to come loose and pop out after a little while. So, what can I do with this?
I'm knitting it with acrylic so it'll be washer friendly, so I can't felt ends together. What way do you guys weave in ends? Hundreds of ends, so many it will probably take me as long to weave them in as it did to knit the darn thing.
I was also thinking of maybe sewing on some backing fabric once done so that the "ugly" side wouldn't be visible. What do you think?
This doesn't need to be done until October when we go over, so I've plenty of time to finish it off, right? Right??
I also need a project to bring on holidays with me in two weeks time.
I've booked the Golf Villas here for a week at the end of the month to give Mam & Dad a holiday. I can't afford it, but what can you do? They need a break too.
Anyway, I don't fancy bringing down that mammoth afghan so I need something else (along with a sock of course) to knit there. What do you like to bring for holiday knitting?
Good news on the oily dress debacle, almost all of the oil came out so I think it will be fine next wash. It's barely detectable to the non knitter eye now. Phew! Thanks for all the advice on stain removal!
As an aside, one of my work colleagues saw a picture of Alice in the dress and has asked me to knit one for her daughter! errrr, that thing took FOREVER to knit, I don't think so! She asked me if there would be anything else then, so I said I'd have a look. I really don't fancy knitting that again, so any suggestions? I was thinking maybe a skirt instead? Maybe this?
I can't say I'm all that keen on the idea, but can't see how I can get out of it. I'm also not that confident in my knitting skillz for someone to actually pay me for the yarn and for their child to wear it?
Ah we'll see. If I say nothing it may all go away!


knitting it up said...

For summer knitting I like lacy shrugs or something; I can imagine myself wearing it as soon as it's finished, plus it's light on the lap.

Well done on finding the sock!

Alrischa said...

Isn't the standard answer supposed to be "no, but I'll teach you to knit it yourself"? lol. Glad the oil came out!

Can't believe you found your sock Ü Your room must look a bit like mine. hehe

Tara said...

OMG, the afghan is looking great so far! Are you kidding me? I SUCK at intarsia. Congrats on finding your sock and needles? Did you spot my 2 lost 2.25 mms there as well?

Lien said...

Holy crap! That afghan is crazy! But your WIP is looking really good. Sorry, though, no advice on weaving in the ends. The "standard" advice is to weave in as you go, but I can't ever be bothered.